Hey all,

I’m Anton and right now I create themes for Gnome and GTK+ that are in the base of FOSS distributions like Ubuntu and Fedora. This is not an easy task as the current implementation of GTK is getting older and there are a lot of limitations that can stop a designer from making the perfect theme (some are reviewed by Thorsten Wilms). Currently Robert Staudinger, Thorsten and I work on gtk-css-engine and sample themes for it that would enable a wide range of professionals to easily make themes for Gnome. This and many other wonderful  things would be part of Gnome 3.0 and I will be  informing you as they come along.

I’m also the author of the theme New Wave that could be found preinstalled by default in Ubuntu Linux 9.04 and later. In it I tried to make the interaction between user and computer very seamless and pleasing for the human side. You could see one video of the theme in use in YouTube. I will soon make post a post about a new technology that I want to introduce to users – a Graphical Configurator for my themes that will allow everybody to be able to easily change various aspects of the themes.