I had a long thought and I decided that I will change the license of the New Wave Theme Pack from CC  Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike to the more permissive one of CC Attribution Share-Alike so that people can freely make business out of it. The change will be fact with the next release of the theme pack, or more precisely its 0.8.2 version. The first draft of the attribution I will probably use:

You are free to do with the New Wave Theme Pack what you wish as long as you mention the author name,  nickname in brackets after the name and a web link to the original content. In case you make money from the New Wave Theme Pack, I (the author) would very much appreciate but not enforce you, to send me a small donation of your choice at my paypal account: ankere [at] gmail [dot] com

This change in license is my gift to the community because I have become an architecture student and I’m very happy about that. That would also allow easy integration and better acceptance in the FOSS world.

Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike