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Apply button

I have managed to make a small update to the configurator. It now allows you to apply the changes  to the theme you are editing  if it’s your current one or save it if it’s not. Other noticable change is the selective enable/disable behaviour of the Save/Apply and Revert buttons. Please note that if you save a modified version of the theme and press Revert then Save/Apply would still be enabled because the Revert button restores to the first loaded state of the theme. Other minor changes are clean up of warning messages in the terminal and fixed layout of the settings’ titles.

Oh and I almost forgot 😉 – you can download the binary and source package here.


I had a vast summer break and it was a long time, before I managed to work on New Wave again. There were a lot of bugs to fix with the Karmic release. Finally I was able to find time and polish the usability of the theme even further: the eye strain levels are even lower and I can confirm with confidence, that the end-user may use it for long time even without breaks and it will still provide a comfortable environment for the eyes. Read more in the readme file of the theme pack. The latest version could be downloaded from GnomeLook or Launchpad.

Other notable change is the updated New Wave Configurator 0.2 that is available for installation in Debian package in the New Wave Theme Pack or as a separate download from Launchpad. The start window has been reworked to give accent on the Edit function and provides more intuitive theme selection through priorities:

The Pick Dialog

The Pick Dialog

There is a little info button which I let you to discover more about. You can still edit themes in root directories. A new feature is the ability to load the old format 0.8.1 themes and convert them to work with some of the new features of the program. On the other hand, the new theme format allows you to do complex operation in just  two mouse clicks. What I’m talking about is changing of panel themes (the appearance of the panel which includes: colors, images, fonts, and entry styles) to a different ones from a drop down list:

The main window of NWC 0.2

The main window

New feature too is the appearance of the selection box in Nautilus. That is when you select more than one files with mouse drag. The most useful new feature though, is the ability to restore themes to their default settings even when you can’t revert (fresh start of configurator). With that new option you should never worry about what you modify because you can restore your themes to the default sate very easy: File > Restore …

The best thing about the program distribution is that it is now available in deb installer (thanks to my friend Andrew Starr-Bochicchio) and the menu entry is located under Applications > System Tools > New Wave Config :

Menu Entry

Menu Entry

I hope you enjoy this new release of the theme.

Recently I’ve been using exclusively the features of LaunchPad to manage my next release of the theme pack. I created two blueprints and linked several bugs to the milestone of the next release and one more to the karmic polish milestone. I have specified release dates but if all the features planned are ready and tested earlier I might release it before the official release date. On the other hand if there is even one unresolved issue the release will be delayed until further notice. If you think I have missed something, you can add your own blueprint and I’ll review it shortly. All ideas and brainstorm are welcomed.

As summer break will soon be over I’ll be more active on the theme and the new CSS engine sides. Work on the Pioneer SVG theme is on my to-do list for this year. Expect some more news in the near future.

Almost half an year passed since the last update to my theme. I have been prepearing a lot of fixes and new features. You could read what’s new on the Gnome-Look page. There was a long wondering of whether to include the Firefox and OpenOffice hack by default, but I got some news from Mozilla in the last minute that in Firefox 3.6 the menu-bar problem will be fixed. So I decided to disable the hack and let the job be done by the Configurator.

What is more interesting about this release is the new tool I provide with the theme pack – New Wave Configurator. It is written in python and PyGtk and lets users that have no idea of gtkrc files to change some settings of my themes easily, by the means of  a graphical interface. The first dialog you see is not very user friendly but right now I can’t think of more simple and fast way of choosing a theme to edit:



You could even edit the themes that require root access but if you have New Wave themes installed in your ~/.themes folder they will override the root ones. The main window of the program is self-explaining:

Main Window

Main Window

What I want to pay attention to is that when you select a Dark Menus variant the ‘Unreadable Menubars Solution’ section won’t show, as the dark menus solve these problems elegantly. You could use the ‘Revert Changes’ button to get to the first loaded file thus you may save new settings as many times as you want, but as far as you don’t close the Configurator you’ll be able to go back to the original ones. There is one more interesting part of this small program – the File > Info dialog which let’s you see the full file name you are editing and the version of the theme available as well as the date which it was last edited.

With that little app I hope to start an initiative for better desktop and easier way for all users to have what they want (understand look and feel). As every new and not very mature program it will probably have bugs I didn’t see, so please feel free to report them in Launchpad .