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I decided that I need something fresh and new to update the theme with so I started a little experiment to see what’s going to happen and here’s the result so far:


The basic ideas is to free more space by removing some of the borders thus implying the feeling of lightness. What do you think?


Shortly after the release of the New Wave Configurator people started to ask for some changes and updates to this program. Here is a list of the things that need to be changed and some others that I think you would benefit from:

  • Be able to change the color of panels. I will limit this to a dozen preselected colors and thus make sure it looks ok when each one is selected.
  • Use special theme for OpenOffice (fixed menubar or with dark menus?) and leave Firefox use the provided skin rather than that ugly patch.
  • Make all the program stuff archived as a .deb package for easy installation and place an entry under Application > Accessories.
  • Allow the user to revert to the original themes. But determining these would be rather difficult, as there will be many New Wave versions and even user customized files that are different from the defaults. So for example if I provide some default rc files with one version of the Configurator, they will soon become obsolete with the next release of the theme. Or what if there are different versions in /usr/share/themes~ and in /.themes? actually not so difficult. I will use default settings hardcoded in the app and change them per major (or anchor) versions e.g. 0.8 and 0.9 if there is such need at all.

I would appreciate every feedback regarding these proposals and especially for the last one so do not hesitate to leave a comment 😉